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The world around us is undergoing unprecedented change. In today’s experience-led economy, products and services commoditize at accelerating velocity. Customer perception of value is shifting from utility to their entire experience with a brand. At the same time, customer experience at a touchpoint-level is increasingly homogenized.


Only those brands that deliver immersive, interconnected experiences across customer journeys can unlock sustainable differentiation. In other words, success depends upon how relevant brands are to consumers at any given moment.
To capitalize on these new market realities, consumer brands need to redesign CX operating models. This demands a systemic approach to drive transformation across operational, technological and organizational layers. And the creative edge to create valuable experiences between brands and their customers. This is where Teleperformance can help.

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Who we are

We’re a one-of-a-kind breed of more than 3.000 operational strategists, technical engineers, solutions consultants, and creative thinkers with the drive, expertise and global resources to set your CX apart from the competition.

Our unique combination of transformational services, built upon deep experience of delivering amazing CX, is the fast-track to ensuring that your brand is always relevant to consumers. No matter how and at which moment they touch your organization.

We’re present in 15 countries across four continents, combining deep cultural understanding and comprehensive organizational reach to amaze your customers wherever they are in the world. TP Infinity offers a suite of CX transformation services spanning consulting services, technology services and creative & design services.

CX Studios

We’re present in 15 countries across four continents, which means we have the deep cultural expertise and comprehensive organizational reach you need to amaze your customers wherever they are in the world. Our solutions cover three key areas: consulting, technology and creative.

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