Transform your business landscape with our cutting-edge consulting solutions, strategically crafted for Efficient and Scalable Operations. Elevate your operational maturity with our proprietary frameworks - TOPS (Teleperformance Operational Processes and Standards) and BEST (Baseline Enterprise Standards for Teleperformance). Our expertise extends to Outsourcing Due Diligence – Transition Model, ensuring seamless transitions for optimized outcomes. Embrace the future of work with WFMaaS, where our Capacity Modeling expertise meets Work From Home Enablement, fostering a dynamic and resilient operational ecosystem.

CX strategy development

Development of a CX transformation blueprint to deliver customer-centric experiences across touchpoints that drive differentiation and optimize customer lifetime value.

Experience design

Service design, product feature innovation and customer journey optimization informed by user research and behavioral modelling.

Process optimization

Redesign of service, sales and marketing processes and integration through a common technology framework to optimize processes flows and frontline engagement.

Organization design

Design of customer-centric organizations enabling coherent execution of the CX strategy.

Interim management

Temporary deployment of CX professionals across operations, technology and PMO functions.

Operational Maturity

Promotes employee engagement and provides a consistent quality and performance management process for global operations delivery. Standards to reinforce consistent best practices in human resources management, workforce management, training and associated disciplines.

CX Consulting Services

Embark on a journey of technological evolution with our comprehensive technology modernization solutions, strategically engineered for agility, velocity, and robust risk management. Explore the future of digital transformation with our as-a-service offerings that include Cloud-aaS, Contact Center-aaS, AI and Automation-aaS, InfoSec and Security-aaS. Elevate your projects with precision through our agile project management, complemented by flexible staff augmentation solutions.

Technology advisory

Digital transformation consulting from CX technology architecture design to vendor selection.

Application development

Development of proprietary CX analytics, VOC and conversational AI solutions.

System integration

Customization and implementation of leading CX omnichannel management, CX analytics, conversational AI, and automation technologies.

Managed services

Next-generation migration, management and operation of cloud and on-premise CX technologies.

Infosec and security

Proactive identification of potential fraud incidents and recommendations for mitigation procedures and controls to minimize operating risks.


Unlock the power of data-driven insights with our comprehensive Research and Analytics services, designed to propel your business forward. Our offerings encompass Market Research, Benchmarking Analysis and Location Analysis, providing you with strategic intelligence for informed decision-making.

Elevate your data strategy, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge with our QAaaS (Quality Assurance as a Service), offering Interaction Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Enterprise Feedback Management.

Advanced Analytics & AI

At the forefront of the analytics revolution, our firm crafts advanced data-driven methodologies, marrying deep expertise with leading technology platforms customized to each client's unique requirements. Leveraging everything from machine learning to cutting-edge generative AI, we empower our clients to extract maximum value from both internal and external data sources, seamlessly woven into their operational workflows. 

Feedback Management

Our Feedback Management practice is a strategic resource across numerous industries. Through Voice of the Customer and Employee programs, we harness vital feedback from individuals directly engaging with the client companies. This feedback is then distilled by our refined methodology into actionable insights, allowing us to enhance customer and employee experiences and drive quantifiable business value.

Interaction Analytics

We stand as a leader in the field of interaction analytics in many markets, with a robust portfolio of success stories from numerous international projects. In partnership with top-tier technology platforms and supplemented by our in-house tools, we provide comprehensive interaction analytics solutions. These solutions are meticulously crafted to offer valuable insights that significantly improve operational efficiency, boost sales performance, ensure quality control, prevent fraud, and deepen marketing intelligence. Our goal is to equip clients with the actionable intelligence necessary for making informed decisions that drive business performance and outcomes.

Market Research

Our market research practice is deeply rooted in a rich legacy of both qualitative and quantitative analysis across a spectrum of key industries. Utilizing sophisticated methodologies, we adeptly gather both solicited and unsolicited data, tailoring our pragmatic approach to align each research endeavor with specific business requirements. This method delivers not just information and data, but also meaningful  interpretations and actionable insights, empowering our clients with informed decision-making capabilities.

Transform interactions, empower teams, and drive results with our comprehensive solutions that revolutionize the landscape of experience management for the modern era with a strategic emphasis on digital marketing, campaign management and social media proficiency. Additionally, harmonize Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) with our integrated service offerings that extend to Channel and Interaction Orchestration, Training,  Gamification and Content Management.

CX analytics

Data strategy and interaction analytics to derive intelligence for planning & execution of campaigns, optimization of brand positioning and (re-)design of touchpoints and experiences.

Experience design

Service design, product feature innovation and customer journey optimization informed by user research and behavioral modelling.

Digital touchpoint development

Development of mobile apps and digital channels including respective content and service offerings.

Digital marketing

Creative design and execution of data driven campaigns and micro-moments.

Social media CX services

A holistic suite of services incorporating program design, content strategy, reputation management, social media command center operations, and influencer management.

CX Consulting Services

Fusing decades of operational expertise, deep technology know-how and first-class consulting methodology, our CX Consulting Practice is optimally equipped to support clients across industries in their digital transformation of customer interactions and experience.

Driven by the ambition to create measurable impact, our consulting approach is customer-centric and implementation-oriented. In other words, our engagement rarely stops at the conceptual phase.

Our consulting portfolio focuses on strategic and operational advisory services designed to deliver CX transformation and elevated value creation.

CX Technology Services

The deployment of state-of-the-art technology in CX operations is a key enabler in achieving sustainable differentiation.

However, clients are faced with a multitude of choices – starting with vendor selection. Significant differences in technology functionality, innovation velocity, delivery model and, naturally, TCO, all need to be considered. Equally important, clients need to scope the functional modules to be implemented to best-fit their emerging requirements.

Additional complexity arises from the need to customize technology beyond industry standards to unlock differentiation capacity. Existing and emerging touchpoints need to be seamlessly integrated and equipped with service innovations.

Our CX technologists are expert in the design and implementation of advanced CX technology architectures enabling data-driven personalized experiences while optimizing ROI.

CX Design & Creative Services

The contemporary experience-led market environment requires consumer-oriented companies across industries to take a fresh perspective on customer experience.

Value creation is driven by: first, implementing a CX strategy that adopts an holistic lens across all instances of brand-consumer encounters; second, adopting an operational setup that minimizes organizational boundaries between product, marketing, sales and customer service functions; and, third, deploying an integrated analytics framework across transactional, interactional and informational processes and touchpoints.

Our CX Design and Creative Services practice allows clients to avoid rigid internal functional structures and integrate key CX processes through analytics and cross-leveraging insights to amplify engagement. Our analytics-led CX agency services span digital communication, innovation consulting, and consumer engagement solutions.

CX Analytics & Market Research Services

Our CX Analytics practice has evolved from its market research and data collection origins into a cutting-edge analytics and experience firm. We harness the power of the Experience Value Chain to link brand initiatives with financial outcomes, driving value across industries.

Our approach merges analytics with a keen insight into customer behavior, crafting strategies that directly impact a company's growth and profitability. Each project is a targeted mission, aimed at maximizing ROI for our diverse B2C and B2B clientele.

Our tailored solutions fit unique business needs, guiding companies of all sizes toward achieving their financial, business and experiential objectives. We are the navigators in the journey to people engagement, excellence and business success.

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